Our Optometrists are here to serve you with the highest standards and quality products

Qualified Doctors

We have a team of Doctors who specialize in Eye care, ranging from Diagnostic, Surgical, Rehabilitative, and Medical Services.

Flexible Opening Hours

Flexible opening hours and wide range of services all combine to give our patients the best possible medical care.


From cataracts to clarity

Right Sight was born out of the need to meet the ever growing demand for integrated, high quality and accessible eye care services. It is equipped with state of the art facilities to ensure that excellent services are always guaranteed.

The hospital promotes cutting edge research as we firmly believe in evidence-based medicine.


Complete Eye Solutions for all


With our top of the range medical facilities and equipment,
we provide surgical services to our patients


We carry out optical investigations for our patients to ensure correct diagnosis
every time and to monitor our patients’ progress on their road to vision restoration


The opportunities of regaining good vision &
resuming normal daily activities are excellent

Eye disease can come at any time. We take care of you all through your lifetime.

Timely examinations & treatments can prevent progression of the retinal conditions

1 in 3 Children Suffer from an Undetected Vision Problem

Children learn more from vision than all other senses combined. Good vision is necessary for their educational, physical and social development.


We have a wide variety of high quality, value priced basic and designer frames to suit your everyday needs.

Uncompromising on Quality Treatment and Eye Services.

Our consultant ophthalmologist is available for consultation on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Our surgeries are done on Fridays.